Q:  Can I get in trouble with other oil companies that I deal with?

A:  We are aware of a few large essential oils companies policies on the matter and that people are concerned whether our products might get them into trouble.  We make sure to state the FDA requirements on all our products and website and use non trademarked/branded oils in order to comply with these standards.  Our information and products on this site are just like any essential oils resource guide and therefore the same rules would apply. 

Q:  What resources did you use?

A:  We have a few resource guides we like to use personally.   You can find them at the Reference Guides Section.  Also, our similar personal experiences with essential oils were thrown into the mix as well.  Everyone's experience with essential oils may differ.   You can modify any information on our products if you like.  We intend to launch some new products in the future, so you can better customize your essential oils experiences into our games and books.

Q:  How long does it take to ship my products?

A:  We do our best to ship the same day you order.  Any orders placed after 3 PM Central Time will ship the next day.  

Q:  Do you promote other essential oil companies with your products?

A:  No we do not and will not promote any essential oil company, services or products on this site nor with our products.  The ownership of this website, Crunchy Creations, LLC is not endorsed, sponsored by, or affiliated with any essential oils company.  More about this subject can be found at our policy/terms of service page

Q:  What about FDA compliance and health advice?

A:  We make it clear that we do not provide medical advice nor have our products been evaluated by the FDA or health professional(s).  The information and products we offer are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease." Everyone's experiences with essential oils may differ, it is your responsibility to find out what works or does not work for you or any risk or potential risk with using essential oils.