Lei Ann Nichols

I created this site as a dedication to my grandmother and mentor Pocahontas Smith Albert who inspired me with her love of nature and healthy lifestyle. She was an environmental advocate and had a great knowledge of preventative health before either one of them became popular.

My journey to discover alternatives began out of frustration with our modern healthcare system after seeing the unnecessary suffering and even deaths of family members. I felt that in spite of great medical advances there had to be something that was being overlooked.

After having researched holistic health on my own for several years, I then discovered therapeutic essential oils. Soon afterwards, I began studying medicinal herbs with Phyllis Light who is a renowned Master Herbalist, speaker and author. After completing 3 programs of study, I received certification as an Herbal Practitioner from Phyllis' school, The Appalachian Center for Natural Health. Although, I enjoy herbalism and wildcrafting, essential oils are my passion.

My mission in life is to equip others with the knowledge and tools needed in order to promote whole wellness (mind, body, spirit) for themselves and their families including pets.